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Sadao Khanchai Kamphalanon Anusorn School

Mini English Program

Welcome! Sadao Khanchai’s Mini English Program is designed to equip students with the basic English language skills needed for daily life and to prepare them for the higher education equipped with sound English knowledge.


To enhance the capacity of all learners, who constitute the major force of the country, so as to attain balanced development in all respects – physical strength, knowledge and morality. They will fully realize their commitment and responsibilities as Thai citizens, as members of the world community. Adhering to democratic form of government under constitutional monarchy, they endowed with basic knowledge and essential skills and favorable attitude towards further education, livelihood and lifelong learning. The learner – centered approach is therefore strongly advocated, based on the conviction that all are capable of learning and self-conviction that all are capable of learning and self-development to their highest potential.


To provide each thai students with an opportunity of learning standard and goals that facilitate their growth that they will find personally satisfying and may contribute to the welfare of the community and society that sustain them.

Subject Objective


Students build their reading, spelling and writing skills through a strong emphasis on phonics. Each new sound is immediately presented with verbal blending (reading) practice. Consistent calculated reviews make certain that students internalize previous sounds and rules while learning new ones. Using and understanding English is an advantage that may lead them to study more.


Under the premise that math is a way of thinking, not just a memorization of facts, math instruction smoothly integrates critical thinking into every topic presented. Focus of study includes number comparison, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphs and money. Also, students solve word problems within each chapter, ensuring that students engage in the discipline of math within the framework of the English language inside and outside the classroom.


Science classes offers exciting time of learning through hands-on activities, observations and evaluation. Students develop their understanding of living and non-living things in the world around them. Key skills develop observing, classifying and predicting while studying topics of food, animals, water, plants and movement. Through studying science, students will develop their experimental skill and make their own research and conclusion.


Benefits of being an MEP student

  • Enhance their speaking, listening, writing and speaking skills.
  • Differentiate the Thai culture to the foreign culture.
  • Flexibility in any situation.
  • Traveling within and outside the country.
  • Involvement in Thai cultural, classical and music.
  • Be able to appreciate being a Thai citizen in relation to foreigners.